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Distribution Services

Dow elef International offers a wide range of ancillary services giving value addition to customers requirements.

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our services are customised, dedicated, built to suit programmes that meet large and small business requirements by customers.

the international transport and distribution of goods is linked to various technical issues especially with variations and differeneces in rules and regulations prevailing in different countries. it is important that importers and exporters should always consult logistics partners to clearely understand the documentation requirements / regulations in each of the countries before shipping the goods.


dow elef international with its expertise in the field alongwith our global associates in business assist customers  with consultancy services covering documentation procedures , licenses and permits ,technical solutions, safety and security , multimodal transportation , fumigation and quarentine requirements etc and covering all specific requirements of international logistics.

Dow elef International

Most Preferred Clearing and forwarding Agents in Tanzania.We are committed to handling all your requests with utmost care.Our main goal is to provide a premium option and choice in courier and freight services for your documents and parcels.

Customer Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal!!!

We have a group of well-experienced,customer-focused and enthusiastic professionals,trained to listen and understand customer needs.The staff at DOW ELEF INTERNATIONAL is constantly endeavoring to provide value addition in the services we offer.

Contact Information

Office Location:Mwalimu Nyerere Grounds (Sabasaba),

Plot No: 11 "A" Maonyesho Avenue-Kilwa Road,

P.O.Box: 8404,Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

Phone:   +255 22 2851117

            +255 712 600000

Website: www.dowelef.com

email:    info@dowelef.com

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